English Political Tudor Rebellions

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  • English Political Rebellions
    • Lovel 1486
      • A Yorkist claimant raised troops to kill the King
    • Stafford 1486
      • Like Lovell, Stafford wanted to over throw the King
    • Simnel 1486-1487
      • Pretended to be the Earl of Warwick who had a claim to the throne to overthrow the King
    • Yorkshire 1489
      • Yorkshire resented London for ruling taxes and it wanted independence
    • Cornish 1497
      • Resented councillors for raising taxes and wanted independence
    • Warbeck 1947
      • Pretended to be the Duke of York to overthrow the King
    • Amicable Grant 1525
      • Wolsey forced an illegal tax on the people which was hated.
    • Pilgrimage of Grace 1536
      • People wanted councillors (like Cromwell) gone and wanted Mary legitimised.
    • Western 1549
      • They wanted independence
    • Kett 1549
      • Wanted protestantism brought in more quickly
    • Northumberland 1553
      • The Duke of Northumberland wanted Lady Jane Grey put in line for the throne.
    • Wyatt 1554
      • Didn't want Mary to marry Philip II of Spain
    • Northern Earls 1569-1570
      • Wanted Mary Queen of Scots put on the throne
    • Essex 1601
      • Rebels wanted the Earl of Essex to be back in favour and have him reinstated


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