Poland 2

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  • Poland to UK migration
    • Consequences to Poland
      • Population shrunk
      • Birth rate decreased (2003 -2005)
        • A lot of people that left were of reproductve age
      • Shortage of labourers (most migrants were of working age)
        • Economy doesn't grow as much
    • Consequences to UK
      • Population of UK increased (especially of reproductive age)
      • Helped aging population problems - young migrant workers pay taxes (help pay for pensions + support older people)
      • Immigration policy changed
        • When Romania and Bulgaria joined EU in 2007 - didn't allow unlimited migration
      • Not all money earnt by the Polish workers is spent in the UK
        • In 2006 - £3.45 billion sent back to Poland from abroad
      • Number of people attending Catholic church services in the UK increased
    • More air traffic between Poland and the UK
      • 500,000 passengers to and from the UK in 2003
      • 3.3 million in 2006
      • Greenhouse gases released


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