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  • Polish migration to the UK
    • Situation in UK
      • Between 1993+2003 around 61,000 migrants per year
      • 125,000 by 2004
      • 200,000 by 2007
      • Polish born population of UK went from 75,000 to 532,000
    • What caused increased flow of Polish migrants to UK?
      • Social
        • Move to live with family
        • Go to UK to go to Uni/Study
        • Communities in London and other cities make it easy to settle in
      • Economic
        • unemploy-ment rate in Poland= 20% in 2004
        • Unemployment rate in UK= 5% in 2004
        • Minimum wage in UK is almost double the average wage in Poland
      • Political
        • May 2004, Poland and 7 other easter European countries join the EU- can immigrate w/o visa
        • Jan 2006, 263,000 new migrants had applied for work permits
    • Positive impacts
      • On UK
        • incomes and taxes and spending on goods improve economy and services by Poles
        • Poles take less desirable jobs
        • Gains skilled labour
        • Understand other cultures
        • growth in ethnic retailing
      • On Poland
        • Reduce unemployment in Poland
        • Returning migrants bring new skills
        • Send remittances home to reinvest into Polish economy
        • Population destinty is reduced in Poland
    • Negative Impacts
      • On UK
        • Polish workers increase competition for employment and have driven down wages
        • Dominancce of males is reinforced
        • aspects of cultural identity are lost
        • Costs of educating migrants
        • over-dependence on some industries on migrant labour
      • On Poland
        • racism due to british jobs for british workers
        • conflict between local communities
        • Social tension due to segregation, language barriers adn suspision
        • disproportionate no. of females left behind




I have my text book in front of me it should say 293,000 in Jan 2006 not 263,000 :)

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