Plato's Dualism

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  • Plato's Dualism
    • Humans have composite natures
      • Non-material part = mind/soul
        • Allows us to gain opinions
      • Material part = (physical) body
        • Allows us to gain knowledge
    • The soul is immaterial, immortal & pre-existent
      • The soul is more important than the body
    • The spiritual world of forms is the highest level of reality
    • The body is part of the empirical world (so is subject to change)
      • Therefore, the body & its senses aren't a reliable guide to the truth
      • Distract us from our true purpose
      • The body is a prison, which the soul is 'liberated' from at death
    • The soul is immortal & belongs to the real of forms (so is unchanging)
      • All knowledge we have is from the realm of forms


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