Plato: The body and the soul

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  • Plato: The body and the soul
    • Soul
      • Enables us to have knowledge.
      • Simple but complex (Like a diamond)
      • Cannot be split into parts/changed
      • Inner workings (charioteer analogy)
        • The Charioteer (reason) tries to control the two horses.
          • Horse 1 (Spirit): tries to direct us to do the right thing and fulfil our purpose (philosophical thought)
          • Horse 2 (Desire): guides us to indulge our bodily needs and distracts us from philosophical thought.
    • Body
      • Part of the material world and subject to change.
      • Part of the empirical world so its senses cannot be a reliable guide to the truth.
      • Allows us to gain opinion via our senses.
      • Constantly distracting us from our real purpose which is philosophical thought.


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