Plato - body and soul

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  • Plato - body and soul
    • summary
      • Dualist view - body and soul are separate
        • Soul is set free after death
      • Goal of the  soul is the world of the forms
      • Real knowledge of the forms comes from the soul
        • We recall information about the forms that we had before the soul was in the body
      • Body is a source to endless trouble
      • Argument from opposites - everything has an opposite
        • Life - death
    • Strengths
      • GIves an answer to what happens after death
        • gives meaning to the soul
    • Weaknesses
      • Peter Geach - how can the soul see the forms?
        • seeing requires a body
      • learning is not an act of remembering
      • argument of opposites - not everything has an opposite
      • relies on existence of the forms
        • many challenges to forms




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