English Literature Unit 2 Section A

Poetry Anthology: Place Fast Facts Sheet



  • You should spent 45 minutes on this question of the exam
  • It is worth 36 marks
  • It is 23% of your GCSE
  • You will have the choice of 2 questions
  • You answer one of these questions in the form of an essay 
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Each question will take the form of an essay question which will give you one named poem.

You should compare this poem with one other of your choice.

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The names poems with be any out of the cluster except 'Price We Pay for the Sun' 'Spellbound' and 'A Vision'

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You are assessed on...

  • understanding and interpretation
  • ability to quote, analyse and evaluate the form structure and language
  • ability to consider the effects on and response of the reader
  • ability to compare

Using FLIRT can help you remember these ideas

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You should plan carefully using a structure like the Christmas Tree to help you to PEE link and compare consistently.

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The poems are divided into contemporary (modern) and Literary Heritage (where the poet is generally dead)

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The Blackbird of Glanmore

Poet- Seamus Heaney

Themes- Life, Death, Nature

Key devices- Imagery, Economy of expression(language), Rhythm, Form

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A Vision

Poet- Simon Armitage

Themes- Hope, Dreams, Nature vs. Man, Urban landscape, Illusion and reality, Environment, Loss of Hope 

Key Devices- form, regular stanza structure, imagery, caesura

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The Moment

Poet- Margaret Atwood

Themes- Nature vs. Man, Place and Power, Hierarchy within the Relationship

Key Devices- imagery, enjambment, graphological devices (italics)

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Cold Knapp Lake

Poet- Gillian Clarke

Themes- Life, death, the power of nature, 

Key Devices- fairytale lanuage, imagery, voice of narrator, form

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Price We Pay for the Sun

Poet- Grace Nichols

Themes- Conflict between the realities of life on an island and the idyllic life portrayed in postcards

Key Devices- Creole/Standard English, irregular structure, drum beat rhythm

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Poet- Gillian Clarke

Themes- Relationship between Man and Nature, Effects of the Chernobyl disaster

Key Devices- manipulating natural images and making them seem wrong or dangerous

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Crossing the Loch

Poet- Kathleen Jamie

Themes- Nature vs. Humanity, Youth vs. Experience

Key Devices- structure, language

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Hard Water

Poet-Jean Sprackland

Themes- Water as an Extended Metaphor, Feelings Towards her Home

Key Devices-adjectives, strong words, imagery

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Poet- William Blake

Themes- Contrast between Oppressive Ruling Classes and Poverty

Key Devices- regular alternating rhyme scheme, imagery

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The Prelude

Poet- William Wordsworth

Themes- Awestruck by Nature, Sublimity

Key Devices- structure, imagery

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The Wild Swans at Coole

Poet- W.B Yeats

Themes- War, Contrast, Nature

Key Devices- imagery, structure

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Below The Green Corrie

Poet- Norma MacCaig

Themes- Extended Metaphor of Highwayman to Represent Power of the Mountains

Key Devices- personification

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Storm in The Black Forest

Poet- D.H Lawrence

Themes- Nature over Man, 

Key Devices- imagery to demonstrate power

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Poet- Ted Hughes

Themes- Power of Nature, Mans Inferiority

Key Devices- enjambment, participle verbs

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