Whole Text/Extract Task Plan - A Christmas Carol


1.Read the QUESTION twice.Underline the key words in it.Write the key words at the top of your writing paper.You are going to be using these key words frequently in your response.(one minute)
2.ANNOTATE the extract as quickly as possible,in terms of significance to the key words in the question.Annote it for:significance of what it is happening in the extract;what key themes are present;how it links to the question.(three to five minutes)
3.Create a quick PLAN,which maps out how the key words of the question fit into the other parts of the novel.You need to consider how it fits in with the beginning,the middle and the end.Aim to make four points.Your fifth point will be a brief exploration of the extract.You will need to address where the extract where it fits in chronologically with your plan.Also,aim to include quotations for each point-VITAL!(five minutes)If you stick to your planning


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