Revising for 'An Inspector Calls'

If you've got your GCSE English exam for AQA coming up or any board which includes having to revise for an essay question on 'An Inspector Calls', this powerpoint could help with your revision. Good luck! Hope you all get the grades you were hoping for! :))

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Revising techniques for `An Inspector
- TBAT recall some of the key themes explored in the play.
- TBAT link the significance of each character to their roles in
the play.…read more

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Linking the unlinkable
Think of as many links as you can between the picture and `An Inspector
Calls'…read more

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Main themes in AIC
Think of as many suitable themes to discuss in an exam that are present in
· Respect
· Power
· Relationships
· Age
· Responsibility
· Gender
· Class
· Influence
· Hierarchy
· Political views- `look after your own and nobody else'
· Events…read more

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Choosing a themes question
Contrast various themes/ ideas in the play before and after the Inspector arrives
· Mr Birling is presented to have a lot · The Inspector is shown to have
more power and influence and he more authority and control over
tends to have more speeches at the the characters and he is seen to be
beginning of the play. able to manipulate each
· The Birlings are shown to be the interrogation to his advantage.
perfect family as they are gathered · Each character's flaws are shown in
together at dinner to celebrate their interrogations and if they are
their daughter's engagement. willing to take responsibility for
· The atmosphere is generally their actions or not.
welcoming and it is `comfortable' · The atmosphere suddenly becomes
although it is not `homelike'. `brighter' and `harsher' with the
Inspector's arrival.…read more

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Imagine you're in the exam
The AIC question in Section A is:
· How is the theme of
relationships presented and
how does it change throughout
the play?
Top tips:
· Do NOT panic.
· Read the question more than
once so you know exactly what
they're asking.
· How are you going to answer it?…read more

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Answering the question
Plan your question first
· THINK ABOUT · Read the question again to understand exactly
what the examiner wants from you
· Plan a basic response of about a quarter to half
QUESTION a page depending on the size of your writing
· RESPOND TO · Start with a basic introduction about what
your response is going to outline
THE · Respond to the question- you can deviate from
QUESTION your plan if you have thought of a better idea
· Draw a short conclusion based on what your
response has included and sum up your points…read more

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Useful for identifying the play a bit more

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