Physics: 2.1- Motion

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  • Physics: P2.1- Motion
    • More about Velocity-time Graphs:
      • if a velocity-time graph is a horizontal line, the acceleration is zero.
      • eg.
      • The gradient of the line on a velocity-time graph represents acceleration.
      • The area under the line on a velocity-time graph represents the distance.
      • eg.
    • Velocity and Acceleration:
      • Velocity is speed in a given direction (speed)
      • Acceleration is the change of velocity per second (m/s^2)
      • Acceleration= Change in velocity/ time taken
      • Deceleration is negative acceleration.
      • eg.
    • Distance-Time Graphs:
      • If an object is Stationary, the DTG is a horizontal line.
      • If an object is moving at a constant speed, the DTG is a straight line that slopes upwards.
      • The Gradient of a line (how steep it is) represents its speed.
      • - Speed (m/s)= Distance/ Time
      • Distance (m) = Speed x Time
      • Time (s) = Distance/ Speed
      • eg.
    • Using Graphs:
      • The Gradient= the Height of the triangle/ the Base of the triangle
      • eg.


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