Further Physics - Observing the Universe - Key Terminology

Further Physics - Observing the Universe - Key Terminology

This is just some of the most important vocabulary required for the OCR 21st Century Science further physics module, or P7. Please don't take it as a definitive list, but remember in longer answer questions, using correct science terminology earns you marks.

Absolute Zero - the lowest temperature possible

atmosphere - the layer of gas surrounding the earth

atom - the smallest part of an element that can enter into a chemical reaction

cepheid variable star - a star with changing intrinsic brightness

converging lens - a lens in which light rays are brought to a central point

diffraction - the spreading out of a wave as it passes an obstacle

diverging lens - a lens that causes light rays passing through to spread out

electron - a negatively charged subatomic particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom

focal length - measure of how strongly an optical system converges or diverges light

focal plane - the plane on which an image appears to focus

focus - the point at which all light rays converge

force - a push or pull acting on an object



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