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Physics - P3Sophie Mitchell

Physics ­ Gas Law
Gay-Lusacs law, part of the combined ideal gas law ((P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2) ­ where V1=V2=V), states
that temperature is relative to pressure (in a constant volume) in the sense that as temperature (in
Kelvin (K)) goes down, pressure goes down ( ).…

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Physics - P3Sophie Mitchell

(100 x V1)/294 = (P2V2)/283
P2 = (100 x 283)/294 = 96.2585034 =96.26 kPa(2dp)

As it is cooled further, the particles will convert less energy due to availability, and therefore have a
slower velocity (V = (KE/½M)) reducing the force on impact and the rate of…

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Physics - P3Sophie Mitchell

We could use this data to extrapolate the line of best fit to the origin, to theoretically show that; jJust
like previously mentioned, if the container was cooled to absolute zero ­ it would technically have no
pressure, as the particles would have no heat energy…


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