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  • P5. Identify the support required to enable children and young people to take part in organised creative activities.
    • Physical.
      • To support children within their physical development it is key that you give them resources that are age appropriate to them. therefore things that ca enhance skills that they already have or developing new skills. E.g fine motor skills.
    • Intellectually
      • Adults and professionals can support children with their intellectual skills by providing them with activities and resources that will enhance their creative thinking. As an example this could be with coloring in letters to spell a word or mixing the different primary colours to make new ones.
    • Language
      • One of supporting children within their language development would be through to use of group work and talking together. therefore the children can listen to others, through social learning they will pick up what other  children and adults are saying therefore learning new words and phrases.
    • Psychical environment
      • making sure that a child is comfortable within a environment will enhance their creative skills. Due to the fact that they are more likely to do a range of activities and different things within a space where they feel comfortable.
      • Ensuring that there is a big open space for children, therefore space for them to use their imagination to think about the things that they could do in the space provided.
      • Having a space with lots of toys and resources is also key due to the fact that this enables the children to chose what they do with the toys and space.
    • Emotionally.
      • When working with children they can get emotional therefore by supporting them when they are upset can make them feel more comfortable within the space they are in.
        • Through them feeling comfortable within the space they will be more confident to do the activities such as art work and others things. therefore enabling them to be more creative.
    • Socially
      • Within working with children you have to ensure that you give them to time to enhance their social skills by working in groups. Therefore giving activities which mean that they all work together.
      • When working with children and leading an activity you have to ensure that they don't tell them what to do. be a role model showing them the best ways.
    • Resources
      • Making sure that you have a range of different resources for the children to be creative with will able them to show themselves and how they feel.
      • By having resources that are age appropriate will help them to enhance skills that they need to meet milestones.
    • Time
      • When working with children you have to ensure that you give them enough time to complete the activity. If the child doesn't have enough time to complete the vivacity they won't be productive ans create the best they can.


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