Physical and mental demands of performance

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  • Physical and mental demands of performance
    • Injury
      • Internally caused injuries
        • These are injuries where the performer is solely responsible
          • Sudden injuries
            • When you are taking part in physical activity there is also a strain put on the body owing to lots of stretching  twisting and turning, often resulting in problems such as hamstring pulls
          • Overuse injuries
            • these could be caused by either training or performance too much and can include stress fractures and muscle and tendon injuries.
      • Externally caused injuries
        • These can be caused by factors other than the performer themselves
          • Accidents
          • Foul Play or incorrect actions
      • Precautions
        • Warm ups
        • Risk Assessment
        • All rules or codes of conducts should be clear, followed and enforced
    • First Aid and emergency arrangements
      • Common Injuries
        • Fractures
        • Hypothermia
        • Cuts
        • Joint and muscle injuries
          • Strains
            • RICE principle
              • Sprains
              • ICE
                • try to apply some ice as it reduces swelling and relieves some of the pain
              • COMPRESSION
                • Untitled
              • ELEVATION
              • REST
                • Stop straight away and rest the injury
          • Sprains
        • Head Injuries
    • Fatigue and Stress
      • Stress
        • Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response and this, in turn can be linked to other factors in sporting situation.
          • Some people may become more aggressive and others may find that levels of arousal are increaed
          • Excitement or suspense can lead to tension.
          • Untitled
          • Nervousness can add to your tension levels, making you feel more tense and even agitated to the point where it can have a physical effect
          • Motivation will almost certainly decrease
          • Untitled
          • Anxiety can  make you feel uneasy and apprehensive both before and during performance
        • Some people may become more aggressive and others may find that levels of arousal are increaed
      • Fatigue
        • Fatigue is a feeling of extreme physical or mental tiredness brought on by extreme exertion and it can result in temporary loss of strength and energy
          • If you suffer fatigue it may result in
            • Skill levels decrease
              • Strength decreases
              • Speed decreases
            • Concentration levels will decrease
            • Your body or parts of your body may not be able to carry on with what you are doing due to local muscular fatigue .


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