Photoshoot Interior Environment

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  • Interior Environment Photoshoot
    • Concept
      • The concept of interior is not just inside rooms and objects, you can also discuss the state of mind. I would like to illustrate the state of mind using this theme as a way of illustrating interior environment
      • Mental health is often not discussed and highlighted at a healthy level so I would like to illustrate mental health as a theme that is disregarded or even underestimated or even used inappropriately
    • Models/People
      • I will use peers to model different expressions to show thinking so I can link a speech bubble showing their thoughts
      • I may also  use different objects and homes to take photographs of interior environment of buildings
    • Composition
      • I will use a variety of formats from landscape to portrait
      • i am going to use black and white edit in some of my work
    • Equipment and Location
      • I will need to just the camera. I will conduct my photoshoot in a variety of places, including indoors, not just houses but maybe inside holes and edit the images to my liking
    • Link to Photographers
      • I admire the way the artists use colours that are quite vibrant and  also the way they use people to also  illustrate interior environment in a metaphorical way
      • I will use this as inspiration for my own photoshoot
    • Lighting
      • I will use black and white format in majority of my pieces of work, but also some variety of vibrant colours for lighting. Dull and bright to create a contrast




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