Countryside Photoshoot

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  • Countryside Photoshoot
    • Link to Photographers
      • My favourite artist from this theme is Ger Dekkers because he shows appreciation of nature in a unique way in comparison to the other photographers
      • There is not much use of artificial lighting as the photos are taken outside and that helps to reinforce the theme of nature
    • Concept
      • I think that the outdoors is quite interesting especially in different seasons
      • I would want to use the seasons of autumn and winter together with this theme of the countryside
    • Equipment/Location
      • I will go to different parks and take pictures there and also anywhere that is situated in rural areas
      • I will conduct this photo shoot outdoors mainly
    • Models/People
      • I will not use models in this theme and focus mainly on nature features
    • Lighting
      • There will be a varied use of natural and artificial lighting depending on where and what time of day the photoshoot takes place
    • Composition
      • I will use the landscape format mainly for this photoshoot
      • I would want to attempt the use of composition and framing in the photoshoot and also use black and white in some photos
      • I also want to add some patterns e.g stripes, zig zags in my photos


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