Philosophy: Science & Religion

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  • Philosophy: Science & Religion Stories
    • The creation Story
      • Day 1: God created light & darkness/day & night
      • Day 2: God divided the water & the sky
      • Day 3: The lord made rocks rise above the water to make land - he created trees & plants to cover the land
      • Day 4: God created the sun & the moon & scattered stars in the sky
      • Day 5: The sea was filled with fish & the sky with birds
      • Day 5: God created livestock & animals - he also made Adam & Eve
      • Day 7: All his work was done & he blessed his creations as holy before resting
    • The Big Bang Theory
      • 1: The universe was a mass of swirling gases that exploded
      • 2. As the gasses cooled, planets, galaxies & stars formed - earth became so hot that the centre melted & the outside cooled to create land
      • 3. Eventually one giant piece of land broke apart to form the seven continents
      • 4. The light from the sun, electricity from thunder storms, & great heat caused gases & waters to produce earliest life forms
      • 5. cells from previous life forms turned into beings that constantly evolve - e.g. invertebrates without backbones which have adapted to fit their surroundings (evolution)
      • 6. Life spread out onto the land & into the air - some creatures like dinosaurs have remained unchanged for years
      • 7. By studying fossilised bones, scientists have been able to piece together the history of man & his ancestors


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