Religious Studies-Philosophy-Christianity

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  • Religious Studies-Philosophy-Christianity
    • Philosophy 1
      • Beliefs about deity
        • Trinity
          • God who is Father
          • God who is Son
          • God who is Holy Spirit
        • Key Words
          • Omnipotent-all-important
            • Omnipresent-all-present
          • Miracle-something that cant be explained
        • Life After Death
          • Heaven- Hope to go after death
          • Hell-Where the wicked may go after death
          • Sin-An action against religious beliefs
    • Philosophy 2
      • Good&Evil
        • God is much more powerful than the Devil therefore good is much stronger than evil
        • God is the beginning of everything and everything God created is good
        • The Garden of Eden
        • Types of evil
          • Moral evil-The acts of people which are seen to be cruel and uncaring
          • Natural Evil-Natural disasters
        • God has a plan allowing evil and suffering in the world,but this plan is beyond the comprehension of human kind
      • Religion and Science
        • The Big Bang Theory-A massive explosion led to the creation of the whole universe
        • Evolution-Life began with a single cell and evolved and developed through a process of natural selection
        • Intelligent design-A theory that says that life is so complex that is must have been designed by a higher intelligent being and did not evolve by natural selection
        • Soul-The part of the human being which is separate from the physical body


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