Unit 1 World At Risk: Phillipines

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  • Phillipines: A Disaster Hot Spot
    • Background
      • Island so increased vulnerability as surrounded by water.
      • LEDC- 80% of population live below poverty line
      • In the Pacific Ring of Fire.
      • Tropical climate characterised by high temp & high humidity.
    • Earthquake: 2002 Mindanao Earthquake
      • Causes: Phillipines sits on several microplates between 2 convergent plates.
      • Impact: 15 killed, 100 injured, 800 buildings damaged, 2 secondary hazards
    • Volcanic hazards- 22 active volcanoes.
      • 1991 Mt Pinatubo Eruption
        • Causes:Small explosions/ emissions of steam/minor ash- continued to increase until strong explosions culminated (largest eruption of century
      • Impacts: Cloud formed that stretched 11,000km from South East Asia to Central Africa
    • Landslides: Guinsaugon Landslide
      • Causes: Heavy rainfall (200cm in 10 days), steep terrain, deforestation, shallow roots, underlying rock impermeable, area on geological fault
      • Impacts: 2,000 killed, 1875 evacuated,  survivors moved to South East (550-600 miles away)
    • Typhoon: December 2006
      • Causes: Mayon,  Phillipines  most active volcano- began emitting lava in mid July
      • Impacts: 200 killed,, villages wiped out, 22,000 people affected, power/ telephone lines brought down, houses damaged


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