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Geography ­ Edexcel AS
World at risk
Hazards…read more

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Hazards: Contents
Types of hazards
Key Terms
Risks and Vulnerability
Natural Hazard or Disaster?
Is the world becoming more hazardous?
Human factors
Falling Deaths
Increasing Numbers of people affected
El Nino & La Nina
Distributions: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Slides,
Drought, Storms
Hazard Hotspots: California, Philippines -
Compared…read more

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Hazards: Types of hazards
Geophysical Hydro-meteorological
Themes: Geology Themes: Water
Hazards: Hazards:
Volcanoes, Avalanche,
Earthquakes. Cyclone, Drought,
Epidemic, Land
Slide, Storm,
Tornado, Volcano,
Wild Fire…read more

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Hazards: Key Terms
Context Hazard: widespread threats
arising from global environmental changes
such as climate change or major hazard
such as a super volcano
Disasters: are the `realisation' of the hazard
to cause social impacts such as loss of
livelihoods, lives and economic impact
such as damage to goods and property
Risk: is the probability of a hazard
occurring and becoming a disaster as a
result of deaths and loss of livelihoods,
goods and property.
Vulnerability: is the likelihood of success
of a particular threat category against a…read more

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Hazards: Risks and Vulnerability
Risk Vulnerability
The exposure of Is the potential for
people to a hazardous losses or other
event and the process adverse impacts.
of establishing the People, buildings,
probability that a ecosystems and
hazard event of a human activities
particular magnitude threatened with a
will occur within a disaster are
given period. vulnerable…read more

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Hazards: Risk
Frequency or magnitude of hazard
x vulnerability
Risk (R)=
Capacity to cope or adapt
The risks are getting worse in some
countries because:
1. the frequency is increasing with climate
2. Vulnerability is increasing as a result of
unsustainable development leading to
poor land use and environmental
3. The capacity to cope is decreasing owing
to poverty and urbanisation.…read more

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