Pharisees and conflict with Jesus

Full mindmap of the pharisees and backround of their relationship with Jesus throughout Luke's gospel in a negative manner. does not include positive relations as such in; 

  • Table fellowship 11:37, 14:1
  • Addressed with respect 7:40
  • Warn of threat to him 13:31 
  • Which continues into acts 
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  • Pharisees
    • Religious Fundamentalists of Jesus' time.
    • They followed the laws of Moses Closely (O.T)
      • Jesus did unorthodox things which didn't follow the key viewpoints of the pharisees for example
        • Healing of a man with leprosy (used term for all kinds of skin diseases in Jesus' time) Luke 5:12-16
          • Jesus touched the leaper when others would not as he was an outcast of society. Jesus told him what to do, that was required by Jewish Law,               ( Leviticus 13/14)
            • By law only priest could touch the man.
              • Encouraged people to keep the laws of Moses. Tried to keep matter quite amongst the crowd.
        • Jesus in Luke 6:1-11 allowed his disciples to walk through a corn field and eat what they reaped, breaking Sabbath rules in front of the pharisees
          • Jesus said King David, had once eaten the priests bread, but no one criticized him for it.
            • Jesus seems to says he is more than David. "Lord of the Sabbath"
              • Luke then tells another story of a man with a withered arm in the synagogue
                • The Pharisees were trying to catch Jesus out.
                  • Provoked them, then planed plot of evil towards Jesus to destroy his life.
                • Jesus was too quick for them and said is it better to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath? no one replied and the man was healed.
    • There were around 6000 at the time of Jesus
      • Also often challenged Jesus' Authority. in Luke 20:1-8 he was asked
        • " Who gave you the authority to do all these things? " Jesus would not answer their questions cause they could not answer his question on why is John the baptist got authority, was it from god or man
          • They couldn't answer him as they did not really know themselves, even though they were all meant to be experts of god, including Pharisees
      • Jesus also called them "Actors" in Lk 12:1-12 claiming they were hypocrites following rules of god yet maintaining no outward morality to others.
    • They were appalled by Jesus' claim to divinity and defiance of old traditions for example healing on the Sabbath.
      • Luke 13:10-17- Jesus heals a crippled woman on the Sabbath. This is the example used.
        • Jesus heals a crippled woman in the synagogue, belief was a demon caused this deformity.
          • work for example healing was forbidden on the Sabbath, unless life threatening.
          • Synagogue president rebuked his healing to the people saying
            • " You have six days to come for healing. Come then, and not on the Sabbath."
            • The law was humanitarian but the pharisees interpretation was unethical towards human pain.
              • Similar to this was the story of the man with dropsy in Luke 14:1-6
    • They worked in the Synagogue and often separated themselves from the outside world
    • Often debated with the Sadducees due to their different beliefs
      • They believed in Last Judgement, Life after death, fate and freewill. Were fundamental believers of God.


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