Blind Man: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

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  • Man Born Blind: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
    • Pharisees
      • Tasker
        • cocksureness ...petty-mindedness ... legalistic spirit
        • They are too legalistic/ materialistic
        • plunged into the darkness of unbelief
      • People > God
      • Brown
        • question the reality of the miracle
        • Maintain their incorrect belief that the man is a sinner
    • Sabbath
      • Blasphemy
      • Only God can work on the Sabbath!
      • Goes against "rabbinic rules"
      • Making the clay = 'Replacement'
    • Division
      • Jesus' presence will (inevitably) cause division
      • Faith
        • passing from darkness to light
        • The blind man displays faith
      • Brown: 'Ironic Contrast'
    • Light
      • Only Jesus can open the eyes of spiritual understanding
      • Accuses the Pharisees of being 'corrupt'/ 'spiritually blind'
      • Brown: 'Ironic Contrast'


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