The Sadducee's and Jesus

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The Sadducees and their beliefs, traditions and representation in Luke: 

Sadducees were upper class, wealthy jews from the time of Jesus. They were alot different than their counterparts the Pharisees. 

  • They sided with the romans, this allowed them to gain an influencial place in the sanhedrin giving them the general power and prestigious position in the Jewish society. 
  • This was at the time of the Pax Romana, meaning the expansion of the roman empire was still continous. this meant emperor tiberius needed more taxes from his conquered regions, an obvious reason for alot of common folk not siding with the likes of the greedy Sadducees.

Sadducees were also not alike the pharisees in the religious sense, they often debated over their religious view points: 

  • Sadducees didnt believe in angels, life after death or last judgement which are all fundamentals of pharistic views. 
  • They didnt believe in the coming of the Messiah, but were infacr threatened by the general idea of the possible existence of the "Warrior" that all Jews had been waiting for, to set them free from their roman captors. 
  • Jesus threatened this aspect of their life, the Messiah in their eyes could jeopardize their prestigious allocation in the society of Jewish people and the Jewish Church. 

Josephus states that they existed in the 2nd century Maccabean period, this may have shown the the…


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