PED's within sport

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  • Performance-enhancing Drugs (PEDs)
    • Anabolic Steroids
      • Man made copy of testosterone that boosts muscle growth
      • Faster recovery times and increase in muscle mass.
      • Increased risk of disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and poor mental health.
    • Stimulants
      • Speed up the central nervous system and parts of the brain.
      • Increase in alertness and energy.
      • Increase in aggression and heart rate. Can lead to addiction.
    • Beta Blockers
      • Reduction in anxiety, increasing focus and clamness. Gives steady hands.
      • Blocks adrenaline and reduces heart rate.
      • Lowering the heart rate can lead to heart failure.
    • Diuretics
      • Increase the amount of urine that leaves the body.
      • Increase in weight loss and masks the presence of other drugs.
      • Increased chance of; dehydration, heart failure, kidney failure, dizziness, and headaches
    • Narcotic Analgesics (Painkillers)
      • Allows a perform to perform or train when injured or in pain.
      • Relieves Pain
      • Can decrease co-ordination and balance. Can become addicting and increased pain  tolerance means injury can occur without realisation.
    • Peptide Hormones
      • Regulates and increases blood cell production
      • Increased oxygen delivery so muscles can work for longer and recover quicker.
      • The blood becomes thick, increasing risk of strokes and heart attacks.
    • Growth Hormone
      • Stimulates growth of muscle, cartlidge, and bones.
      • Increase in muscle mass/size and increased metabolism.
      • Increased risk of fluid retention (swelling) and more muscle and joint pain.
    • Blood Doping
      • Injecting oxygenated blood
      • More oxygen is delivered to muscles which increases muscular endurance.
      • High risk of; kidney failure, blood infections, allergic reactions, and blood clots


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