Influences for participating in physical activity

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  • Influences in Participation in sport
    • Role models
      • ROLE MODELS are people you admire like sports stars, coaches and teachers.
      • PEERS show support.
      • If someone in your family participates in a sport or runs a club you will be more likely to participate.
    • Image
      • Fashion can change within sport due to BRANDING and very influenced by famous people
        • Commercialization
      • Media Coverage, Olympic's and Wimbledon Tennis
    • Culture
      • Disability
        • Some sports may need specialist equipment or widely available so you might be encouraged to play
          • Wheel Chair basketball.
        • Handy caps can be given to make it a fair event.
      • Age
        • There is age Catorgarys that allows it to be fair and equal
          • U16 teams, ect.
      • Race
        • There is not many black swimmers due to the high bone density which make it better for them to compete in other sports
        • there may not be as many sport role models that you can relate to so you may not be interested in that sport.
      • Gender
        • Females may be less lightly to play in sport because they feel like they are being judged by others.
    • Health and Well Being
      • ILLNESS may stop you from participating in sport for a short period of time
      • People play sport as a way of STAYING HEALTHY.
    • Socio-Economic
      • Cost some activities are more Costly than others
      • Location can determine which sport to participate in.
      • Access facilities, public transport and parking
      • Availability to the resources and the facilities.


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