Parties in the Reichstag

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  • Parties in the Reichstag
    • Centre (Catholic) Party
      • Formed in North Germany
      • Set up to defend their interests
      • Supported by Catholics & the Poles.
      • Wanted independence
    • National Liberals
      • Wanted unity in Germany
      • Democratc
      • Supported mainly by Protestants
      • Disagreed with Bismarck's views
        • wanted to extend unity whereas Conservatives didn't
    • Conservatives
      • Supported by Junkers and upper class
      • Wanted to preserve and expand the German State
      • Wanted to unite
      • Mostly right wing, wanting autocracy
      • Scared of Social Democrats
    • Social Democrats
      • Supported by working class
        • Industrial, rural and agricultural people
      • Had new ideas to prioritize working class, power to the people, power to labour and revolution.
        • Prometariat would equal marxism
      • Wanted more from the State
      • 1890: received largest number of votes
      • Fought to improve conditions by peaceful means, within the framework of capitalism
    • The Progressive Liberals
      • Represented the Middle class that split from the NL
      • Supported anti-Clerical measures against the catholic church
    • Free Conservative
      • Represented the wealthy and business people
      • Politically closer to Bismarck


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