Enabling Act

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  • Enabling Act
    • What is it?
      • A law giving Hitler power to issue decrees without consulting the Reichstag.
      • Created for a 4 year period.
      • Needed two thirds majority to be passed which the Nazis got as the communists were not able to take seats in the Reichstag.
      • DVNP were willing to collaborate and get support of the centre party through reassurance that he would first consult Hindenburg before using his powers.
    • How did Hitler benefit from it?
      • Gave him ability to pass laws as it gave him dictatorial powers in Germany.
    • Judgement?
      • Successful as it provided him with legal powers to suppress political opposition and anyone who disagreed with him.
    • Legal,  Forceful or Compromising?
      • Was a legal document as it could only be approved by the Reichstag voting on it, and it received two thirds majority.


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