Ineffective constitution

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  • Ineffective Constitution
    • Weaknesses in the constitution crippled the government
    • PR meant that no single party won a majority: parties had to share power in the coalition government.
      • This weakened the Weimar Republic
        • Parties in the coalition often couldn't agree
          • Government collapsed
    • 1919-33: 20 separate coalitions - longest government lasted 20 years.
    • 1930-32: 3 elections held because of the governments collapse
    • The frequent changes in government made it weak and unstable
    • Article 48: gave President sole power in 'time of emergency'
      • The president could only rule by decree without consulting the Reichstag.
      • This meant laws could be passed without the approval of the Reichstag
      • The president  could appoint the Chancellor of his choice


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