participation in sport

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  • Participation in Sport
    • Age
      • Flexibility decreases with age
      • strength drecreases with age but, you have to be older to achieve maximum strength
      • oxygen capacity reduces with age, heart becomes less efficient, arteries loose elasticity, increase blood pressure, reduces blood flow
      • skill level  improves with age as we grow and get stronger
      • recovery takes longer with age, more chanceof injuries, increased graduall wearand tear on the body
    • Disability in sport
      • blind
        • swimming has been adapted as the athletes know how many strokes they take in  length or their coach can tap them on the head with a long pole
      • wheelchair basketball
        • the rules have been adapted e.g. the player must bounce the ball for every two rolls of the wheelchair
      • learning disabilities
        • 100m the coach can run along side the athlete to motivate him
      • Facilities
        • car parking spots,ramps automatic doors
    • gender
      • Physique - women tend to have wider hips and narrower shoulders
      • men naturally have more stamina as females have smaller lungs
      • Men are generally stronger
      • females are prone to osteoporosis as the bone density decreases due to age
      • females have increased flexibility
      • females have a larger amount of body fat
    • body types
      • ectomorphic tall thin narrow shoulders narrow hip
      • endomorph short dumpy round
      • mesomorph small muscular wide shoulders, narrow hips
  • females are prone to osteoporosis as the bone density decreases due to age


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