1.1.2 Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

Influences on taking part

There are 6 influences on takign part in sport. Here they are, with examples:

  • Health and wellbeing
    • Illness
    • Health problems
  • Cultural factors
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Race
  • People
    • Family
    • Peers
    • Role models
  • Image
    • Fashion
    • Media coverage
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Influences on taking part continuation...

  • Resources
    • Availability
    • Location
    • Access
    • Time
  • Socio-economic
    • Cost
    • Status
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Opportunities for getting involved in sport

Oppurtunities for getting involved in sports are coaching, leadership, volunteering and officiating.

Initiatives to keep people involved in sport:

Government Initiatives

All pupils (up to 16 year olds) have to recieve an entitlement of 2 hours of PE per week. This encourages more participation and improves pupils' fitness.

Active Kids programme

Some supermarkets run voucher schemes. Vouchers are collected when people buy items from shops or businesses. Schools use these vouchers to buy sports equipment.

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Opportunities for getting involved in sport contin

Sport England

Sport England creates oppurtunities for people to start, stay and succeed in sport.

  • Start: Increase sport participation, improves health of the nation.
  • Stay: Retain people in sport through an effective network of clubs, facilities, volunteers and competition.
  • Succeed: Create oppurtunities for talented performers to achieve success.
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Sports participation pyramid

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Sports participation pyramid continuation...


Pyramid narrows here as less people reach this level. Governing bodies of sport are responsible for development at this level as athletes pass from county to regional to national.


Young people begin to develop talent in a specific sport. Quality coaching essential. County and regional level sport.


Young people participate in a specific activity for enjoyment but on a regular basis. For example- local football team and extra curricular clubs.


This stage provides a basis for personal development and future participation. Emphasis on learning basic sporting skill. For example PE lessons.

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