Barriers to Participation

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  • Barriers to Participation
    • Employment / Time
      • Not much free time to do sport
        • Teenagers have to find a balance between school work, revision and sport so may not have time to take part
          • Single parents / Working singles and couples / Teenagers
    • Work Restriction / Family Commitments
      • Women stay at home to look after their children
        • Single Parents may find it hard to find childcare or someone to look after their child whilst they take part in sport
          • Famillies with young children, single parents, working singles and couples
    • Lack of Disposable Income
      • Membership Cost / Transport Cost
        • Unemployed people may not be able to afford to pay a membership to a gym or pay for transport to a facility
          • Unemployed / economically disadvantaged / Retired people / Children / Teenagers
    • Accessibility of Facilities / Equipment
      • Lack of Transport / Lack of Specialised Equipment
        • The facility may not offer transport to pick people up. The facility may not have access for disabled people e.g. a ramp or specialised equipment
          • Disabled / Retired / Children / Teenagers
    • Role Models
      • Lack of Role Models - particularly for females and ethnic minorities
        • If there are no role models for people to look up to, this may discourage them from taking part in sport
          • Ethnic Minorities / Retired
    • Provision of Activities
      • Limited activities on offer which do not meet the requirements of the participant / user group
        • If there are not any sports that a retired person is interested in then they will be less likely to take part. They may be worried about the intensity of the sport
          • Retired / Children / Disabled
    • Awareness of Activity Provision
      • Lack of advertising of what sports clubs/ facilitates are available
        • If teenagers are not provided with information about sport clubs or facilitates they are less likely to take part in sport
          • All user groups
    • Portrayal of Gender Issues by the Media
      • Male sport dominates the TV
        • Women may feel that a certain sport is only for men and will not want to take part
          • All user groups - particularly females


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