P12 - Electromagnetic Waves

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  • P11 - Types of Waves
    • Transverse
      • Electromagnetic waves
        • Gamma Rays
          • Shortest wavelength, highest frequency. Used for treating cancer and in medical imaging
          • X-rays
            • Used to make images of internal body parts and destroy tumours. Are ionising radiation. Can cause harm depending on the radiation dose
              • Radiation dose - Measured in sieverts or millisieverts.
            • Ultra violet radiation
              • Humans cannot see ultraviolet. Used for sunbeds and security marking. Too much exposure = skin cancer.
              • Visible light
                • Can be seen by human eye. Light from lamps and sun.
                • Infra-red radiation
                  • All objects emit it. Used for infra-red cameras, remote control handsets.
                  • Microwaves
                    • Used for cooking food and communications - pass through earth's atmosphere and reach satellites.
                    • Radio waves
                      • Longest wavelength, highest frequency. Used to carry radio, Tv and mobile phone signals.
        • Transfer energy from source to absorber.
      • Water waves
      • S waves
        • Secondary waves, produced by earthquakes, shake earth side to side.
    • Longitudinal
      • Sound
        • Air particles vibrate and compression's and rare-fractions are formed in air.
      • P waves
        • Primary waves, produced by earthquakes, push and pull earth.
    • Communications
      • Carrier waves
        • Waves that carry info. Do this by varying amplitude.
      • Optical fibres
        • Transparent fibres, transmit communication signals by light and infra red.




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