P12 - Electromagnetic Waves.

P12 - Electromagnetic Waves.

P12 - Electromagnetic waves.

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P12. 1 - Electromagnetic spectrum.

Image result for electromagnetic spectrum (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PaCojVrNedw/TJgAuEQMhGI/AAAAAAAAAGY/g3EweyRxQq4/s1600/electromagnetic+spectrum.jpg)Gamma - heighest frequency.

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  • Human eye can only detect visible light which has a wavelength of 350nm to 650nm.
  • Electromagnetic waves tranfer energy from source - absorber.
  • wavespeed = frequency x wavelength.
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P12.2 - Light, infared, microwaves and radiowaves.

  • white light - all colours of spectrum
  • Infared - carrying signals from remote controls and optical fibres. 
  • Microwaves - satellite tv programmes and phone calls.
  • Radiowaves - radio and TV broadcasting and phone calls.
  • Mobile phone radiation is microwave radiation and radiowaves .
  • different types of elctromagnetism are dangerous.
  • Microwaves and radiowaves heat internal body parts.
  • Infared - skin burns
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P12.3 - Communications.

  • wavelength affects; how far they travel, how much they spread and how much info they carry.
  • Futher reaserch needed - are phones safe to use?
  • Carrier waves used to carry info. They do this by varying amplitude.
  • Optical vibres - thin, transparent. Used to transmit communication signals by light and infared radiation.
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P12.4 - Ultraviolet,X-rays and gamma rays.

  • Ultraviolet - shorter wavelength than visible light and can harm skin and eyes. 
  • X-RAYS - hospitals to make X-ray Images. 
  • Gamma rays kill bateria in food, sterilise equipment and kill cancer cells. 
  • Ionising radiation - uncharged atoms become charged. 
  • X-rays and GAMMA damage living tissues.
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12.5 - X-rays in medicine.

  • used in hospitals to; 
  • make images of internal body parts
  • destry tumours near body surface. 
  • They are ionising rdiation so can damage living tissue . 
  • Absorbed by bones and teeth more than soft tissue. 
  • People who work in X-ray areas must wear protective lead.
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