Topic 5 – Light and the electromagnetic spectrum


5.7 Recall that all electromagnetic waves are transverse, that they travel at the same speed in a vacuum 

 5.8 Explain, with examples, that all electromagnetic waves transfer energy from source to observer 

 5.9 Core Practical: Investigate refraction in rectangular glass blocks in terms of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter 

 5.10 Recall the main groupings of the continuous electromagnetic spectrum including (in order) radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible (including the colours of the visible spectrum), ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays 

 5.11 Describe the electromagnetic spectrum as continuous from radio waves to gamma rays and that the radiations within it can be grouped in order of decreasing wavelength and increasing frequency 

1a, 1c 3c 

5.12 Recall that our eyes can only detect a limited range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation 

 5.13 Recall that different substances may absorb, transmit, refract or reflect electromagnetic waves…


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