Problems for USA

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  • Problems for USA
    • China intervenes
      • At the end of October, the Chinese troops attacked South Korean and American troops.
      • In November, American and South Korean troops are forced to retreat.
      • Truman plans a further push towards the Chinese border, beginning on 25 November, which was unsuccessful.
      • MacArthur had to retreat and eventually China took control over most of the North.
      • The Chinese crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea on 1 January.
      • The Chinese capture the Southern capital of Seoul on 4 January.
    • Fall of MacArthur
      • In February 1951, the Americans launch an attack on the communist troops.
      • By March, communist forces are pushed back to the 38th parallel.
      • Truman did not want to conquer all of Korea whereas MacArthur believed that they should continue to move further.
      • On 24 March, MacArthur makes statement to the public, criticising Truman's idea of making peace with China.
      • Truman is irritated by Truman's statement. He is angered by the fact that MacArthur was disobeying his orders.
      • MacArthur is dismissed in April 1951.
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