Effect of the Depression on the League of Nations

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  • Effects of the depression on the league of Nations
    • Britain
      • Sufferred high unemployment. Became unwilling to resolve international disputes while its economy was sufferring and people were out of work
    • USA
      • Unwilling to support economic sanctions when its own trade was in such a mess
    • Japan
      • The Depression threatened a threatened a complete collapse of the country's industry. It led Japan to take over Manchuria which is part of China.
    • Italy
      • Economic problems encouraged Mussolini to try to build an overseas empire to distract people's attention away from the difficulties the government faced
    • Germany
      • Unemployment and Poverty led people to elect the Nazis, who promised to solve economic and social problems. This led to support for extremist parties. Nazis made no secret of their plan to overturn the treaty of Versailles and regain lost territory.
    • France
      • Worried about the changing situation in Germany, France began to build a series of frontier defenses on its border with Germany.


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