To what extent was the league of nations a success?


After the first world war, everyone wanted to avoid repeating the mass slaughter of the war that had just ended. The league of nations, however there were a few altercations of how they wanted the league to be run

President Wilson wanted the league to be like a world parliament where representatives of all nations meet together regularly to decide on worldly matters

The british wanted a simple organisation that met once in a while to discuss during emergencies

France wanted a league with a strong army

President wilson won. by 1919 he drew up plans for the league. he drafted a serious plan.

He wanted all the major nations to join the league. They would disarm. if they had a dispute it would be taken to the league for a proper decision to be made. They promised to protect one another if invaded. If any member broke the convenant and went to war, other members had to stop trading with that…


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