USA: Immigration

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  • USA: Immigration
    • Attitudes  to immigration
      • isolationism = restrictions on immigration
      • Previously, USA had "open door" policy = unlimited immigration
      • always been some who resented immigrants
    • Isolationistpolicy
      • "keep America American"
      • Aimed to reduce immigration from EasternEurope + Italy as many from there were unskilled workers
      • 1921: Emergency Quota act restricted immigration to 3% the number of immigrants from any county in the us Census in 1910
      • Didn't stop prejudice
      • 1924: Immigration act reduced to 2% + set limit of 150,000 per year
      • 1917: literacy test = 40 word passage to ensure that immigrants could read + understand Eng in order to be allowed in USA
    • Prejudice views for objecting immigrants
      • often poor
      • unskilled
      • lived in poor, high crime areas + did not learn lang
      • bought bad influence e.g. Italian mafia
      • communist political ideas
    • Sacco + Vanzetti case
      • 15th April 1920 2 men killed + $15,777 stolen in robbery
      • 5th May: S+V arrested for the crime (italian immigrants + anarchists)
      • S+V earring guns when arrested - bullets the same as the ones in robbery
      • v = robbed b4
      • BUT 107 "eyewitnesses" saying S+V were elsewhere
        • both sides accused each other of persuading ppl to be "eyewitnesses"
          • 61 "eyewitnesses" who said it was S+v
      • 61 "eyewitnesses" who said it was S+v
      • No  clear evidence bc investigation techniques not as good
      • Found guilty for the crime (biased judge?)
      • Protests, appeals + petitions across USA + abroad
      • Executed 23rd Aug 1927
    • The Red Scare (from 1919)
      • Fear of a communist revolution
      • targets = immigrants, workers unions + left wing ideas
      • Thousands were imprisoned, arrested and deported
    • Why was there a Red Scare?
      • Patriotism
        • during ww1 gov, built up patriotism
        • The USA  were fighting Germany in Europe so many Americans were suspicious of Germans in the USA
        • Suspicious of ppl who didn't support war e.g. IWW + Socialist Party
        • When the war ended, soldiers formed Patriotic groups
          • Largest: American legion (May 1919) = urged Gov to pass laws against immigrants + communists
      • Economic Problems
        • By the end of war, 4m ppl were in the armed forced + 9m worked in war industries
        • war ends = unemployment
        • some employers exploited the situation = low wages + more hours
      • Workers Unrest
        • Workers went on strike due to poor working conditions e.g, Seattle Shipyards (began 21st Jan 1919)
        • 6th Feb. 60,000 workers went on strike = peaceful BUT due to publicity, ppl reacted as if it had been violent
        • Strikes  followed across the county, BUT the press reacted as if it was a communist uprising
      • Violence
        • Apr. 1919: over 30 letter bombs were posted to important ppl across USA to arrive for May 1st (half exploded)
        • Early june: larger bombs sent (set off in 8 cities) = bombings by anarchist groups fuelled media hysteria
    • How did attitudes towards immigrants change after 1900? Why?
      • "Keep America American"= passed laws to limit immigration
      • Not enough land available as industry became more mechanised so the need for workers declined =  new immigrants were poor with little education
      • Immigrant ghettos began emerging = dangerous, violence, crime + prostitution. This caused Urban problems = widespread intolerance


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