Other explanations for the purges

Other reasons for the purges other than well dominance over the Russian people!

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  • Other explanations for the purges
    • Controlling an unstable society
      • Wanted to remove anybody who might oppose his foreign policy
      • Five-Year Plans caused instability
      • Mass urbanisaton created social tensions & violence in over-crowded cities.
        • Lacking basic facilities & services
      • Huge hostility in cities & countryside towards Communist party Gov. worried about loss of control in 'Quick sand Society'
        • Purges to stifle criticism of leadership. keeping citizens working. Campaign helped criticize officials
    • Deflecting blame for economic problems
      • Wanted to shake up managers & economic administrators workers happy to blame managers.
      • Scapegoat needed for economic failures. 'Sabotage & wrecking' used
      • Five-Year Plans falling behind. Down turn in Soviet economy after 1936 as result of technical problems
    • Increasing control over the party
      • Party often did not want to look for Kulaks as valuable men in the countryside
      • Show  Trials used to threaten members & result in higher likelihood to obey orders
      • Encouraged lower levels to criticise boss's. led to accusations out of control.
    • Responding to the threat of war
      • Hitler as Chancellor of Germany made war imminent
        • His anti-Communism led to his wanting 'living space' in these regions
      • Purges= labour  to make weapons & armament
      • Increasing pressure of developing armament
      • Need to make weapons & armament to fight war
      • Stalin convinced that there was a good chance of war
    • Consolidating the power of the NKVD
      • Places like Moscow operated own fiefdoms like a  mafia & used purges to own advantage
      • Divisions & power struggles within institution
      • 1st Five-Year Plan= NKVD looked less indispensable. Purges = raise & allow leading of institution in Soviet system
        • Argument state had for Kirov's murder
        • Contribution to rising victims & forced confessions which led to further denunciations
    • Supplying slave labour
      • Stalin needed money these industries earned from foreign exports to but in western technology
      • Gulags provided free labour/ slaves to carry out dangerous work such as logging & gold- mining in inhospitable regions.


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