History, origins of war

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  • Origins of the war in Korea
    • Why did North Korea invade
      • Conflict and border aggression began in 1949
      • At first Stalin refused to support Kim when asked to help invade south Korea
        • Howeevr The soviet army still supplied generously with their war equipment including military aircrapt, 87-t34 tanks and 50,000 vetereans from the Chinese civil war
        • But by 1950 after asserting that Korea was of no vital importance he gave the go ahead
    • Why did America get involved
      • The USA did not want conflict
      • The attack was a blatant breach of US soviet agreement of 1945
        • And a disregarment of UN
      • The attack could not be appeased like dictators of ww2 before
      • Feared a united communist korea would be a threat to Japan


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