Fascist Italy

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Extreme left and right

  • left and right are vague terms
  • The extremes of each side hate each other
  • Defferent support basis
  • Growth of one affects the other

Origins of the terms

  • French revolution
  • King toppled - change in society
  • GIRONDIN - sat on the right hand side of parliament.
  • Want to keep the king
  • Preserve the wealth of the people
  • Neogaitate with European wars.
  • Jacobins- sit on left hand side of parliament.
  • Want to kill the king
  • Confiscate the people's wealth
  • Destroy France's enemies

Left= radical change ... Right= oppose it!!!

Distinguishing groups


  • Socialists
  • Communists
  • Marxists
  • Anarchists
  • - Defined for the working class
  • - Called "the people"
  • - comes to power through revolution
  • - War was a bad thing, as it was irrelevant to workers

Distinguishing the groups


  • Fascists
  • Nationalists
  • Nazi's
  • Futurist'
  • "National pride" at the centre of their focus...
  • Speak by saying "the nation" where as the lefts say "the people"
  • Supported by the rich, as rich scared of communism.
  • Think that wars a great thing as it shows superiority
  • They had one charasmatic leader.

Significance of the terms

  • Massively important after world war 1.
  • Russian revolution 1917
  • - (Working class in Russia is very small)
  • If a revolution can happen there then it can happen any where.
  • Thus proves that revolution can happen
  • Inspires many on the left
  • Potentially massive support base for the right
  • Dissillusioned soldiers
  • People scared by communism
  • These people (right wing) will then use the soldiers
  • Italy ripe for both
  • Humiliation of post war treaties
  • Economic unrest
  • Weak existing govt


19th century

  • - number of ideoligies spread through Europe
  • -


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