Online Goods and Services: Online Shopping

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  • Online Shopping
    • Online Shops
      • Website displays goods for sale
      • Customer places products in virtual "shopping basket"
      • Customer selects "check out"
      • Payment is made and confirmed
      • Goods and services are dispatched and delivered to customer
    • Features of Online Shops
      • Facility to sort and search for goods
      • Images provided of the product
      • 24/7 availability
      • Comparison of prices to similar products
      • Recommendations for future purchases
      • Some sites offer "comparison sites"
      • Customer reviews of products
      • Bookable delivery service like food
    • Online Booking Systems
      • Displays events available
      • Customer selects the seat/ flight/ holiday and places it in virtual "shopping basket"
      • Enter personal details
      • Payment made and confirmed
      • Confirmation email ticket sent and customers print out the ticket
    • Advantages for customer
      • Greater choice- not limited to one geographical area
      • Any time
      • Find best price using comparison sites
      • Don't have to leave the house
      • Right to return goods within 7 days of delivery unless customized
      • Can read reviews of a product
    • Disadvantages for customer
      • Need internet access and computers skills
      • Cannot pay using cash
      • Cannot see/ touch/ try on
      • Usually have to pay for delivery
      • Need to submit personal info through a website
      • Risk of not receiving goods/ having personal details stolen on fraudulent websites
    • Impact on businesses
      • Can be located anywhere- don't have to pay expensive high street rental prices
      • Need less staff- saves money
      • Don' have to physically display stock so can carry a greater range of products
      • Attract customers from all over the world
    • Impact on Lifestyles
      • Easier access for people with physical disabilities or young children
      • More choice for people in remote areas
      • Reduced carbon footprint
      • Available for people who work when shops are open
    • Features of OB Systems
      • Sort and search for seats and availability
      • Customer reviews
      • Compare prices from different sources
      • Immediate confirmation of your booking
      • Last minuet offers


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