4.3.2 - The Internet - Online Databases

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  • Online Databases
    • A database which can be accessed by many users via the internet
    • Databases can automatically connect with each other using EDI
      • This allows for products to be reordered
    • Principle Uses
      • Product/Stock databases
      • Database of customer orders (order history)
    • Advantages
      • Efficiency
        • Automatic processing means that it is always up-to-date
        • Less stock-outs, re-working of orders and cancellation
          • Improved cashflow
      • Speed and Accuracy
        • Transactions can be done immediately, taking only 10 minutes to do
          • Paper transactions may take up to 5 days
        • As the computer does most of the work, there is very little paper work and huma-made errors
      • Strategic Decisions
        • Time is shortened on product enhancements and product delivery
        • Enables a real-time visibility into a transaction
      • Cost
        • There are less paper resources to supply and can save money on orders
        • The grocery sector saves £650 million on EDI


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