The Internet - FTP, Online DB and Ecommerce (Needs)

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  • The Internet
    • FTP
      • Set of rules for exchanging data online.
      • Splits data into packets and sends messages to confirm sending & receiving
      • Companies use it to upload a database from a branch to HQ
      • Used for uploading finished website to the web server
      • No file size limit, can be used reliably to transfer data between different platforms eg. Mac and PC
    • Ecommerce
      • What’s needed?
        • Trained staff
          • to maintain website (site created using web design SW and is updated regularly
        • Catalogue of stock (database)
          • Web site ‘front end’ is often linked to SQL (Sequal Query Language) database
          • allows customers to browse for products, check prices etc.
        • Methods of Secure Payment & Shopping Trolley
          • allows products to be added to a list, totalled and paid for using credit/ debit cards and secure encryption protocols
        • Database of  Customer Orders
          • For marketing purposes and future purchases. Keeps record of order in case of return
        • Order Tracking and Email Confirmation
          • The website and database will be linked to email SW that will allow automatic sending of dispatch emails
    • Online Databases
      • All employees can interact with one copy of database
      • Operate many common features of online world
        • Search engines are the ‘front end’ of the database that contains info on websites


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