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Many people use e-commerce for the purchase goods such as groceries, books, CDs, electrical goods, etc. In order for a company to implement an interactive on-line shopping service, there are a number of requirements.

Requirements Needed to Implement an Interactive On-line Shopping Service

The main requirements for an on-line shopping service are:

  • trained staff to create and maintain the website - creating good e-commerce and updating the site with new products, new prices, new features, etc. requires technical expertise and design skills
  • methods of secure payment/shopping trolley - customers must be able to add goods to their trolley and then go to the on-line checkout to pay for them. Credit and debit card details need to be kept secure when transmitted over the internet and encryption is used to ensure that hackers cannot access this information.
  • an electronic catalogie/database of stock - the database of stock with a user interface that provides the user with information about products, prices, etc.
  • database of customer orders - this database keeps details on what customers have ordered and is used in…


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