O'Neill's successes and failures

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  • O'Neill's Successes and Failures
    • A new airport was under development
    • Over 35,000 new jobs were created
    • Construction of a motorway began
    • A number of big multinational firms like Michelin and DuPont opened factories in NI
    • An oil refinery opened in Belfast
    • Links with the Republic led to an agreement on the supply from the south
    • Financial assistance had to be given to shipbuilders Harland & Wolff to keep it afloat
    • Several companies even refused government grants to open factories West of the Bann, seeing the area as too remote from their export markets
    • In the West employment was over 12.5%
    • Only 16 of the 111 new factories built were in Tyrone, Derry and Fermanagh
    • Unemployment averaged between 7-8%
    • Over 20,000 jobs were lost


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