Attributes of God - Omnibenevolence of God III

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  • Omnibenevolence of God
    • Traditionally
      • New Testament
        • Laws on expression of God's goodness
          • 'Be holy as I am holy'
      • Freewill
      • Miracles
        • O. T.
          • God 'saving' His people 'salvation History' - Exodus
        • N. T.
          • Jesus's divinity + forgiveness + compassion
      • Incarnation
      • Eternal life for humans
      • Justice
        • 'Let justice roll on like a river'
      • Creation itself
    • What issues are raised by biblical ideas of God being the source of what is morally good according to Dawkins?
      • Contradictions
        • New Testament contains morality of a 'poisonous variety'
      • God is 'poisonous' in that he can command bad things
      • God influences individuals such as Abraham and Moses to do evil things, e.g. sacrificing his son
      • Misogyny
        • A master allows his daughter to be sexually abused by another  man but not his male guest
      • Refers to Crucifixion of 'sadistic' with unnecessary torture and questions why God could not just forgive humanity.
        • Dawkins does not acknowledge it as symbolic
      • Euthyphro dilemma
    • How may a non-propositionalist  (NOT LITERALLY WORD OF GOD) approach to scripture help with this? Internal contradictions (contradictory ideas), Plum?
      • It would suggest that writers of scriptures could use scriptures to propagate their own views
      • Might solve Old Testament issues but not New Testament ones such as Jesus being tortured  for symbolic original sin.
      • Stories having words put in your mouth
      • Stories about misogyny and racism - product of time
    • What philosophical issues are raised by biblical ideas of God's omnibenevolence?
      • Certain stories contradict the notion of him being all loving
      • Problem of evil
      • Plum - God cannot be both omnipotent and omnibenevolent
      • Part of God is justice
      • Existence of Hell, evil and suffering - internal contradictions
    • How have Xn philosophers attempted to overcome these?
      • It's open to interpretation
      • Symbolism
      • New Testament
      • Hick and Irenaeus
        • Suffering is for greater good (theodices - revisit)
      • God is eternal
        • Outside time and space
        • Wiles
          • God doesn't do stuff, he is about loving and sustaining
      • God's love is not the same as ours - we shouldn't take it literally
      • Aquinas would say it's about what God is, not what he does so he doesn't need to do things
    • How may a view of God as Eternal solve some of these problems - what criticisms would Kenny, Swinburne and WLC have with these solutions?
      • God being Eternal means he sees everything in one timeless moment therefore is not able to interfere - not interventionist
      • WLC, Kenny and Swinburne disagree - contradiction in terms
      • WLC and Swinburne - how do you understand key aspects of the Bible such as Incarnation


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