Non-abstractive uses

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  • Non-abstractive uses
    • Energy
      • Hydro electric power (HEP) scheme use the kenetic energy of moving river water to generate electricity.
      • dam usually built to hold back a reservoir so the river flow is altered but the water is not removed
      • water from rivers, lakes and sea is used to cool condenser steam in fossil fuel and nuclear power stations.
      • Returned to the source at a slightly higher temperture.
    • Transport
      • Water was the first mass transport system for bulk goods on the sea, rivers and canals declined with rise of railways and road transport, but ship transport remains very important
    • Recteation
      • water bodies used for many recreational uses such as canoeing/holiday boating/sport fishing/swimming
    • Wildlife Conservation
      • welands provide valuabl wildlife habitats.
      • many created by human activities e.g. reservoirs/flooded gravel pits.
      • Wetlands in UK important for migratory water birds because our mild winters prevent water from freezing.


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