main features of aquifers

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  • Main features of aquifers
    • Porosity
      • measure of the porosity of rock's volume that is space and so holding water
      • Chalk, limestone and sandstone are porus rocks that often form aquifers
    • Permeability
      • measure of the ease with which fluids may flow through a rock because of the interconnections between spaces
      • some materials e.g. clay have high porosity but the pores are too small for water too flow through easily
    • Suitable geological structures
      • rock below water-bearing rock must be impermeable to prevent escape of water.
      • Granite and clay are suitable impermeable materials
      • some of rock above must be permeable to allow recharge of aquifer with water from above.
      • some aquifer are very large and the recharge of abstraction
      • the water may be abstracted using a well, a borehole or may come to the surface naturally in springs


Sam Barnwell



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