Non- religious arguments against capital punishment

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  • Non-religious arguments against capital punishment
    • No court system can be be sure the correct person has been convicted
    • Statistics of countries with the death penalty compared to those without it show those without have a lower murder rate. This shows it doesn't deter people
    • Many murderers do not expect to be caught and so do not think of the circumstances
    • Murderers who know they will be killed if caught are more likely to kill more people to avoid being caught
    • Terrorists who are executed are thought of as martyrs and this encourages more followers to become terrorists
    • Human life is the most important thing and no one has the right to take it
      • Executing murderers shows that society does not regard human life as sacred
    • Murderers often think life imprisonment is worse than death and some even try to commit suicide i.e. Harold Shipmen, Ian Brady


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